Eco-Friendly Waterless Car Wash

Rejuvenate Auto Waterless Car Wash
Many of us don’t know that washing a car at home can have significant negative environmental impacts and waste hundreds of gallons of water too. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a typical car wash uses approximately 100 gallons of water during a ten minute span with a standard garden hose. In addition, chemicals drained off from brake dust, oil, grease and other contaminants travel to storm drains and this creates a domino effect in nature. Untreated waste water from storm drains makes its way to rivers, wetlands, streams and lakes therefore tainting the quality of water.

At Rejuvenate Auto, we have a new way of car care by creating a waterless car wash that not eliminates the need for water, but its ingredients are biodegradable as well. This offers a solution to all these issues without sacrificing a clean, shine car. Having a clean car doesn’t have to result in damage to the environment.

Car Washing Methods Compared
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Green Car Wash Myths:
There are many myths about the best way to wash and care for your car while protecting the environment. Here are a few:

Using biodegradable car wash soap is better for the environment:
This may be true; however by washing your car, you are also washing a host of pollution from oil, grease, brake dust into drains that lead to rivers, lakes and more. This poses a threat to aquatic life.

Washing a car on the grass vs. the driveway is better for the environment:
Since the water will be used to water the lawn. Chemicals from brake dust, oil, grease and more seep through the grass and can make its way to water systems.

Rejuvenate Auto waterless car wash has revolutionized the methods of cleaning with keeping ease and simplicity for users in mind and helping our planet at the same time. The research and development of Rejuvenate Auto’s products have been extensive and fine tuned to combine biodegradable ingredients that give a superior clean and lasting results.

How Rejuvenate can improve the look of your car:
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